Rasta Leaves - Neck + Face Gaiter - Moisture Wicking/Sun Protecting

$12.24 $15.99
Inked Gaiters are art inspired neck and face gaiters designed by some of the world's best artists. Our designs are Unisex and Made in the USA.

Gaiters provide cooling face coverage and can be used on your neck, face and even as a headband. Gaiters are popular for fishing, boating and sun protection for those of us who are into sports, fishing, gardening and other outdoor activities.

Our gaiters are 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Inked Gaiters are comfortable, soft and moisture wicking. They are made of a soft material which is light but not too skimpy. You can't see through our gaiters.

Wear our gaiters as a UV face mask to protect from direct sunlight. Inked Gaiters are dust proof and can make a great headband or headscarf to protect your head from the sun and dust. Our moisture wicking neck gaiter will keep you comfortable no matter what you outdoor activity.

Our neck gaiters are multi functional. They are perfect for outdoor activities such as motorcycling, walking, gardening and more. They can be worn on all body parts making them extra versatile.

The polyester/spandex combination makes the fabric stretchable yet our neck gaiters always retain their shape and never stretch out. The unique absorption and perspiration properties of our fabric will keep you dry all day - indoors or outdoors.

One size fits most, although some of our gaiters are available in children's as well. Our standard size is 16 inches long by 9 inches wide. They will stretch to 30 inches long by 17 inches wide.